We are the LEADING SALES & MARKETING AGENCY in SOUTHEAST EUROPE providing services in 8 countries with offices in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. A private and local company developed with international know how and expertise with proven results and accomplishments.

We work for REGIONAL and GLOBAL companies providing TURN KEY and COST EFFECTIVE marketing solutions catered to specific regional market. As a member of the SSI – a powerful Eurpean network of independent agencies - we together with other members have the ability to gain valuable insight and implement projects Europe Wide with proven and trusted partners.

We make a difference because we understand our client’s objectives developing activities to influence purchase intent and generate interest among targeted consumers. Our knowledge and expertise insure we create relevant and highly memorable moments that will generate positive change and create impact.

We create the reasons why people choose to buy certain products and services.

Omne Trium perfectum

Over the past 20 years MPG has recognized and developed the 3 POINT MARKETING STRATEGY based on experience, statistics and key learning’s attained from past events, activities and promotions.

Do you remember Three Blind Mice, Three Musketeers, Three Little Pigs, Holy Trinity – God, The Son and the Holy Spirit, Hat-trick or Three Amigos?

A series of 3 occurrences often creates a progression in which tension is created, built up and finally released to emphasize an idea and make it more relevant and memorable.

The MPG 3 POINT APPROACH relies on those fundamental principles of human psychology and consumer experience.

Understanding people, their needs and wants, where they live and how they play, are key components in developing strategies that will achieve results.

For this reason MPG recognizes the need to develop fully integrated marketing platforms that touch consumers and influence people in LIVE, RETAIL and DIGITAL environments creating moments that will trigger results desired by our clients.

Understanding the fundamental core values of the power of 3 combined with current marketing principals is what MPG 3 POINT MARKETING STRATEGY is all about.

Inspired moments

This is what we want people to feel when attending a big concert or a small party, when choosing things they love, or want to share, the memories people cherish for a lifetime. These moments motivate us to do great work and give us hope when things get difficult. This is what MPG stands for!

Discover how we do it

MPG Live
Music makes the world go around
MPG Retail
It isn`t about products it`s about experience
MPG Digital
The only constant thing is change
20 Years MPG

Celebrating 20 years

MPG is proud to be celebrating over 20 years of business in the region. With its’ first office established in Zagreb, Croatia in March, 1997, MPG has grown from a 2 person business to a company with over 500 Full Time Employees and over 20 million Euro’s of ANNUAL revenues. Our close relations and partnership with clients, local governments and institutions have allowed us to develop and create some of the most amazing events, promotions and marketing activations. Our people have always been dedicated to creating results and have always BELIEVED that we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE, to THINK BIG and to create the INSPIRED MOMENTS we all seek in life. MPG has proven over the years to be a trusted and professional partner, leading the market with creative and innovative solutions. In the past 20 years over 15 000 people have been employed, activating 1000’s of marketing activities and promotions in the region, animating and creating over 100 million impressions. MPG has become a part of everyday life for many people and we are confident that the BEST IS YET TO COME.